Executive Director/President and Chief Executive

TAN SRI HAMDAN, aged 60, was appointed to our Board as Executive Director and the President and Chief Executive of our Group on 1 December 2015.

He obtained his Engineering degree from University of Western Australia in 1980 and a Masters Degree in Engineering from Imperial College, University of London in 1986. He is a Fellow of the Institution of Engineers, Malaysia and a Professional Engineer registered with our Board of Engineers, Malaysia. He is also a Fellow and a Chartered Engineer registered with the Institute of Civil Engineers, United Kingdom.

He started his career as a Structural Engineer at the engineering consulting firm of Ranhill Bersekutu Sdn Bhd (“RBSB”) in 1981. On 15 November 2000, he became Executive Director of Ranhil Berhad (“RB”) where he spearheaded RB and the RB Group’s expansion.

On 2 January 2013, he was appointed Executive Director and on 14 June 2013, he was appointed as Group President and Chief Executive of Ranhill Energy and Resources Berhad.