Lim Poh Ling

Engineering Manager, based in China
Why Ranhill?
I worked as an intern before I joined Ranhill full time. It was an eye-opening experience and gave me the opportunity to meet a group of energetic and friendly people. It feels like part of a big family. Since I joined Ranhill in 2005, I have learned a lot about the nitty-gritty of working in a water treatment plant. Although the learning curve is very steep; I got the chance to travel to many interesting places in China.    
How do you find working in China?
I am grateful to the opportunity given to me to be able to experience a working life in China with its rich culture. I have to admit that it was challenging at first but yet rewarding.    
How do you find your colleagues here at Ranhill?
At Ranhill, we are a dynamic team with complimentary background and skills having the same approach towards reaching the Company’s target  
What is your vision and mission as an employee here at Ranhill?
To continue providing innovative solutions for cost effective treatment process. Ensure compliance and be recognised by customers and the society as leading expert in the region. To be the most sustainable and competitive company in our industry