Our Technology
Aqua SMART – Within our water business we aim to use several treatment processes to turn raw water or industrial wastewater into safe and wholesome drinking water.
GIS (Geographic Information System) – It is essentially used as a system designed to analyze, evaluate and present all types of spatial or geographical data in relation to our assets within the water supply industry.
DAF (Dissolve Air Flotation) – A water treatment process that filters wastewaters through the removal of suspended substances such as oil or solids. Our clarifier/ filter is designed based on ‘zero velocity’ water distribution and recovery concept. Its main function is to produce high quality filtrated water at high flows whilst minimizing the use of hydraulic turbulence.
CCGT ( Combined Cycle Gas Turbine ) - A power plant which uses both a gas and a steam turbine, to produce up to 50 percent more electricity from the same fuel, as oppose to a traditional simple-cycle plant. The excess heat produced from the gas turbine is then transmitted to the nearby steam turbine, which ultimately generates more electricity.
APMC (Advance Pressure Management and Control ) - An innovative system designed to adjust and control the pressure of water going into a District Metering Area. It is implemented to reduce the pressure of water without affecting service levels during off peak demand.
SBR ( Sequential Batch Reactor ) - It is often described as an activated sludge process designed to operate under non-steady state conditions. There is a degree of flexibility associated with Sequential Batch Reactors as it carries out functions of equalization aeration and sedimentation in a time sequence, as oppose to the conventional space sequence of continuous-flow systems.