APMC is implemented in existing distribution systems. This often refers to a system or zone that is controlled by Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV) which controls and regulated water to ensure a more consistent and stable pressure within the system.

The advanced pressure controller device known as will be installed at the existing Valve while a pressure logger will be installed at a critical point in the pressure management zone. The selection is made by determined and prioritizing the total leakage. The identified zone will be studied and logged for a minimum duration of 7 days to obtain the flow data and the pressure data. This process is important before the establishment of any pressure management zone and is necessary to determine the appropriate mode of modulation for the zone managed.

The APMC system will be activated using selected modulation either on closed loop, time modulation or flow modulation modes. The controller provides great flexibility by allowing pressures to be modulated or reduced at specific times in the day that gives maximum savings. This system can also be remotely controlled and can be monitored directly through the server provided.