For water business, there are several methods and technologies that are available and are used worldwide for treating raw water into drinking quality or industrial wastewater.

AquaSMART system is a web-base application system developed as an operational tool and has become an integral component of the reduction strategy. This system is an internal resource developed in-house to provide effective monitoring and decision support for the NRW business. This effective monitoring and decision support helps the NRW business to meet its targets and allocate its resources effectively and efficiently, thereby creating a competitive advantage for the NRW business. This system performs as a data storage management system for data capture, input, handling and monitoring of DMA’s field data for the any given project.

The AquaSMART system links all of the DMA’s raw data collected (from any software) and creates reports at the click of a button. It is a simple and useful tool for DMA monitoring, either for a long term or on a daily basis, which would save data analyst a significant amount of time.

AquaSMART is used as an internal monitoring and decision-making resource that helps RWSB to achieve client targets and optimise its costs.