Dissolved Air Floatation (DAF)

Dissolved Air Flotation clarifier utilises air floatation technology as clarification method. Our clarifier is designed based on ‘zero velocity’ water distribution and recovery concept to produce perfect clarification at high flows with minimum hydraulic turbulence.

Advantages and key features of DAF system :

  • High loading rates, small footprint and significantly lower building costs.
  • Excellent oil and grease, colour and algae removal, final turbidity less than 1 NTU.
  • Independent settled sludge removal mechanism from scum removal at the top, reducing turbulence in clarified water zone.
  • Lower chemical usage, low operation cost.
  • Quick start-up and tolerant of changing raw water conditions.
  • Quiet, simple and easy-to-operate with minimal operator intervention.
  • Pre-assembled and pre-tested packaged plant often saves 50% or more over in-situ construction.
  • Automatic controls and monitoring systems customised to meet individual needs.