Geographical System & Networking Modelling ( GIS )

Geographical System & Networking Modelling is one of the most effective means of capturing and recording the assets associated with the water supply industry. This information is valuable in building of new network models and infrastructure.

Digital mapping is the process by which collected data is compiled and formatted into a virtual image. This software is known as Geographical information system. By generating maps of the piped network it provided Ranhill a complete overview of all aspects ranging from valves, to reservoirs, storage tanks and the relevant distances in between.


Geo-Coding provides geographic coordinates, ( latitude and longitude ) of all aspects of the water supply network. This information is then entered on the Geographic Information System.

Integration of asset inventory

A complete inventory of assets is the core component in proper clean water supply networks infrastructures and management systems.

GIS verification

Regular updating is vital to ensuring that all the latest information is true and reflects the current status of operating regime. Regular onsite investigations are undertaken and verified against the document information.

Networking modeling

Ranhill produces individual models tailored to each and every customers needs. We use the latest technology and engage fully trained staff members to build, field test and calibrate. Incorporated is live flow and pressure data along with up to date customer billing records to ensure the models provide and reflection of network flows.