Unmanned Arial vehicle is a drone-like technology used by Syarikat Air Johor, a part of Ranhill’s Water Division to monitor five major river basins or water catchment areas in Johor State. It captures images to highlight problems in the river and catchment areas.

The most common cause is land clearing which causes the river water to change colour. In addition uncontrolled industry activities, cause the river water to become more acidic, posing corrosive risk to our treatment plants.

Sometimes the surface water may turn greenish indicating voluminous growth of algae caused by excessive fertilizer run-off from farms. Illegal logging can also cause silting.

The new unmanned aerial vehicle is cost-effective and the drone flights can be conducted multiple times to continuously identify the cause and monitor for new encroachment.

The images and data captured can be shared with the law enforcement and necessary action taken. Responding to the causes of pollution translates into cost savings and improves raw water quality. This ensures in minimal disruption of water supply to the water consumers.