Ranhill, via its subsidiary Ranhill SAJ Sdn Bhd (SAJ) is the exclusive provider of source-to-tap water in Johor, the second most populous state in Malaysia. We hold an exclusive license by the Minister of Energy, Green Technology and Water Malaysia. The license enables us to complete the cycle of potable water supply services from the sourcing of raw water, treatment of water to consumers, and the management of the maintenance of the water supply. It’s a full range of customised services including billing.
As at December 2017, Ranhill’s water supply operations in Johor manages:
  1. 44 water treatment plants, with total capacity of 1,986 MLD
  2. 673 active storage and service reservoirs
  3. 22,150 KM of pipelines, of which 18,725 KM are reticulation mains, 3,261 KM of distribution mains and 164 KM of raw water mains
  4. 1.1 million connections serving over 3.9 million local residents
To learn more please visit : www.ranhillsaj.com.my