Ranhill Water Services Sdn Bhd (RWS) and its subsidiary, Premium Water Services Sdn Bhd (PWS) are the two companies involved in NRW management and reduction programme.
In Johor, we developed an “NRW Strategy & Action Plan” which outlines the strategy, initiatives and activities on reducing NRW. Through this NRW management plan, Johor has the lowest NRW perKM of water pipe length at 0.02 MLD/KM.
We have also delivered results in NRW projects done in other states in Malaysia.
State Original NRW % After Ranhill’s NRW reduction programme
Sg. Petani, Kedah 50% (2008) 21% (2010)
Melaka 35% (2007) 21.6% (2014)
Hulu Terengganu and Dungun, Terengganu 50% (2012) 15% (2014)
Johor >40% (1999) 25.8% (2015)
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